How to use the site builder (SiteBuilder Pro) in cPanel

Here is a quick video showing you how easy it is to create a clone of the domain name in just 5 minutes…


Insert element Select element Drag and drop element Text, Picture, Gallery, Youtube, Maps, Shape, Line, Menu, Languages
Edit element Select element Double click on element Select element Right click Properties Select element Click on
Remove element Select element Delete (keyboard) Select element Right click Remove Select element Click on Remove
Lock/ Order element Select element Right click Lock/ Order Select element Click on Lock/ Order


Manage page properties Select Settings SEO(Google Analytics)/ Background/ Styles/ Favicon/ Width
Change builder language Select Languages Choose language
Change menu item Select Navigation Choose menu item Click on menu item


Save website Click Publish Save draft/ Publish/ Backup/Restore
Change menu item Click New/Reset Change menu item Select template
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