How to change PHP version when using CloudNS or Bolt-Cache (PHP-FPM)

How to change PHP version when you are using ‘pure nginx’ or have used ‘CloudNS’

If you want to benefit from our PHP-FPM / Nginx stack (for enhanced performance) then the standard ‘Select PHP Version’ screen in cPanel will not change your PHP version. This is only effective when the CLOUDNS plugin has your Application Server set to ‘Proxy’. If your account is using ‘PHP’ from the CLOUDNS plugin, then you are using ‘PHP-FPM’ (with pure nginx instead of apache). To change PHP versions when running pure nginx (or, PHP-FPM / nginx)…

Login to cPanel
Go to the ‘CLOUDNS’ plugin
Select the domain you wish to change from the dropdown menu
Click ‘Configure’
Select ‘PHP’ from the dropdown list under the ‘Application Server’ section
Hit ‘Submit’
Select the relevant PHP version from the ‘Backend Version’ dropdown list
Select a ‘Template’ then hit ‘Submit’
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