WHMCS General Settings


Written by Dennis Nind

Last published at: February 8th, 2019
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The General Settings page is where you change the vast majority of WHMCS general settings. Below is a description of each tab of the general config to aid in finding what you need. Click the names for an explanation of each available option.

  • General - this is where basic settings such as your company name, address, domain and template are configured
  • Localisation - from here you can configure date, country and language settings.
  • Ordering - for configuring TOS URL, where the user is taken to at the end of the order process and other order specific settings
  • Domains - this is where you configure domain registration options and pricing for domain addons
  • Mail - where you can choose the method used to send mail and set sending preferences and the default signature
  • Support - allowing you to customise the order ticket replies are displayed and the allowed attachment types
  • Invoices - from here you can set all invoicing/payment related settings
  • Credit - this is where you enable/disable the credit funding feature in the client area and set limits
  • Affiliates - this is where the affiliate system settings are configured such as required payout level, bonus deposit and default commission percentage
  • Security - tweak the script security settings including password strength and credit card storage
  • Social - configure your WHMCS to allow social networking interactions
  • Other - this tab contains all the miscellaneous options which don't fit under other headings