WHMCS Clients Domains Tab / Managing a clients Domain


Written by Dennis Nind

Last published at: February 8th, 2019

The Domains tab is accessed via the Clients > View/Search Clients page, select a client, then click the tab marked "Domains". It contains details for all a client's domains, as well as the ability to edit nameservers and whois details, apply and remove the Registry lock, move to another client and delete the domain.

Managing a Client's Domain

You can locate products/services to manage in a number of ways:
  1. Search for the Client in Clients > View/Search Clients, and then from the Client Summary page click the ID of the domain you want to manage from the list
  2. Search for the Domain in Clients > Domain Registrations > Search/Filter, then click the domain ID to be taken to the domain details.
  3. Using the Intelligent Search
The Domain details page inside a clients profile allows you to view and modify all of a products settings. After making any changes, you need to click the Save Changes button to save your edits. The first few fields are fairly self-explanatory, such as domain and registrar. When a registrar is selected in the Registrar dropdown, WHMCS will query that registrar live every time the page is loaded and obtain the current details they hold about the domain - ensuing the nameservers and whois details displayed in WHMCS are always accurate.

Payment Settings

First Payment Amount

The sum total due for the initial payment for this service. It includes the domain price + domain addons - discounts. This value will be used to generate an invoice when Registration Date = Next Due Date

Recurring Amount

The sum total that will be invoiced for this service on renewal. It includes domain price + domain addons - discounts. This value will be used to generate an invoice when Registration Date =/= Next Due Date

Auto Recalculate on Save

  • This checkbox option located to the bottom right of the domain details screen updates the recurring amount field when checked
  • It can be used after changing the registration period or promo code to auto calculate the new recurring price
  • It is off by default so that any discounted rates or custom pricing are not overwritten as these aren't taken into account by it

Next Due Date

The date upon which the next renewal invoice is due to be paid. A renewal invoice will be generated in advance of this date in accordance with the Automation_Settings for the Recurring Amount.

Registration Period

The frequency with which the domain will be invoiced. For example if this is set to "1" and the Recurring amount "5.00", the client will be invoiced 5.00 once per year for this domain. Similarly if this is set to "2" and the Recurring amount "5.00", the client will be invoiced 5.00 once every other year for this domain. Changing the value will not by itself change the price the client is invoiced, to do this tick the #Auto Recalculate on Savecheckbox before clicking Save Changes.

Payment Method

Defines the payment method used for invoices generated by this domain . With this option it's possible to use a different payment gateway for each of a client's domains. The client may ultimately pay using a different payment method if permitted in the General Settings.

Promotion Code

If you wish to apply a promotional discount to this domain, select it from this dropdown menu. Changing the value will not by itself change the price the client is invoiced, to do this tick the #Auto Recalculate on Save checkbox before clicking Save Changes.

Running Module Commands

If the domain is linked to a module via the Registrar dropdown selection, you will have a Module Commands row towards the bottom of the page. This allows you to execute any of the commands available in that module. Modules can have custom functions but the most common ones are:
  • Register - runs the domain registration routine and sets the product status to active
  • Transfer - runs the domain transfer routine and sets the product status to pending transfer.
  • Renew - runs the domain renewal routine for the number of years entered in the Registration Period field.
  • Modify Contact Details - displays a page where the whois records of the domain can be edited. These whois details are queried live from your registrar
  • Get EPP Code - if the domain supports EPP codes, the EPP code from the registrar will be displayed on-screen
  • Request Delete - if your registrar allows domains to be deleted, this button runs the domain deletion routine
  • Release Domain - change the IPS tag on the domain, a popup will appear into which the new IPS tag can be entered. Used for .uk domains.

Domain Specific


Fields are available to specify up to five nameservers on the domain's record. Usually a minimum of two are required, but if you do not wish to specify a third, forth or fifth nameserver then leave the field empty. Upon loading the page the current nameservers will be queried from your domain registrar and displayed in the fields. To change the nameserver records simply adjust the values of the fields and click Save Changes, this will pass the new values to your selected domain registrar.

Registrar Lock

Tick/untick this option and click save changes to change the status of the registrar lock on the domain. The registrar lock usually needs to be disabled before modifying the nameservers or whois contact details.

Management Tools

Domain Addons (DNS Management, ID Protection and Email Forwarding) can be enabled/disabled from this page. Ticking/unticking the appropriate checkbox and clicking Save Changes will enable the feature within the client area and adjust the Recurring Amount accordingly. The Disable Auto Renew option is alos located here. When unticked WHMCS will invoice the domain autoamtically for renewal in accordance with the Next Due Date. When ticked the renewal invoice will not be automatically generated and the domain left to expire. For more information refer to Domain Management.

Additional Domain Fields

Certain domain names require additional information in order to process the registration request. Clients will be prompted to provide this information upon ordering, the values are saved locally in the WHMCS database and displayed in fields below the Management Tools section. Changing the values of these fields does not update any record with the domain registrar.

Moving a Domain to another Client

Transfer Domain Popup
  1. When viewing the Domains tab of the domain you want to move, click Move Domain to Another Client located at the top-right of the page
  2. A popup box will appear (you will need popup blockers disabled to use this)
  3. In the popup enter the ID of the new owner. If you don't know the client's ID the Search field can be used to search by name, company or email address. Click the client's name and the ID will be filled in.
  4. After selecting the desired client, click the Transfer button
  5. The domain will then be moved, the window will close, and the original window will refresh to show the domain under its new owner.
  6. This process won't change the whois details on the domain, so if you wish to update those you'll need to click the "Modify Contact Details" module Command button on the client's Domains tab.


Invoices cannot be moved between clients, therefore when moving a domain any invoices will remain under the old owner. Therefore it would be advisable to check the old owner's Invoices tab for any unpaid invoices for this domain and cancel them. If you wish to invoice the new owner for the domain, move the Next Due Date forward/back by one day and a new invoice will be generated when the cron next runs.

Misc. Options

Admin Notes

Here staff can enter private notes about the client to be displayed to other staff viewing this service under the Products/Services tab. Notes entered here are separate from those entered under any other service, domain or the client's Summary tab.

Deleting a Domain from a Client

  1. When viewing the domain you want to delete, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red Delete link
  2. After clicking this link, you will be asked to confirm if you are sure you want to delete the domain
  3. If you click No you will be returned to the page, if you click Yes, the item will be deleted and you will be taken to the next domain under that client
Note: Deleting a domain from WHMCS will not perform any action at the domain registrar.

Send Message

Use the dropdown located at the bottom of the page to send a 'Domain' type email template to the client, or select the "New Message" option to compose a new email from scratch. General and Product type emails can be sent using the dedicated dropdowns under the Summary and Product/Services tabs.