How to change a domain's nameservers or whois contacts using WHMCS


Written by Dennis Nind

Last published at: February 8th, 2019

Domain Specific


Fields are available to specify up to five nameservers on the domain's record. Usually a minimum of two are required, but if you do not wish to specify a third, forth or fifth nameserver then leave the field empty. Upon loading the page the current nameservers will be queried from your domain registrar and displayed in the fields. To change the nameserver records simply adjust the values of the fields and click Save Changes, this will pass the new values to your selected domain registrar.

Registrar Lock

Tick/untick this option and click save changes to change the status of the registrar lock on the domain. The registrar lock usually needs to be disabled before modifying the nameservers or whois contact details.

Management Tools

Domain Addons (DNS Management, ID Protection and Email Forwarding) can be enabled/disabled from this page. Ticking/unticking the appropriate checkbox and clicking Save Changes will enable the feature within the client area and adjust the Recurring Amount accordingly. The Disable Auto Renew option is alos located here. When unticked WHMCS will invoice the domain autoamtically for renewal in accordance with the Next Due Date. When ticked the renewal invoice will not be automatically generated and the domain left to expire. For more information refer to Domain Management.

Additional Domain Fields

Certain domain names require additional information in order to process the registration request. Clients will be prompted to provide this information upon ordering, the values are saved locally in the WHMCS database and displayed in fields below the Management Tools section. Changing the values of these fields does not update any record with the domain registrar.