R1Soft stuck backup causing high CPU / IO load (when job isn't running)


Written by Dennis Nind

Last published at: February 8th, 2019

First, attempt to restart the agent using cdp-agent restart. If that completes, then do... hcp -l [root@alfa accounts]# hcp -l Idera Hot Copy 6.6.2 build 56 (http://www.r1soft.com) Documentation http://wiki.r1soft.com Forums http://forum.r1soft.com Thank you for using Hot Copy! Idera makes the only Continuous Data Protection software for Linux. ****** hcp1 ****** Real Device: /dev/sdc1 Virtual Device: /dev/hcp1 Changed Blocks Stored: /home2/.r1soft_hcp_sdc1.cow_hcp1 Mounted: - Time Created: Wed May 02 19:00:18 BST 2018 Changed Blocks: 1214.38 MiB (1273364480 bytes) If this outputs a virtual device, then you can remove that instance... hcp -r /dev/hcp1 Then if needed, restart agent again